Open Enrollment Health Insurance Consumer Calls

Get $500 in Inbound OEP Health
Insurance TV Calls for Free.

No credit card needed. Call 1-800-500-3222.

Buy inbound TV calls for OEP for $10/call

There’s no need to be timid when testing new health insurance lead sources. Test our inbound TV calls, up to $500 worth*, with no credit card required.

The team at Malbis has over 15 years experience in generating inbound TV calls. Your agency can buy live inbound calls targeting under-65 health insurance callers by selecting specific states, area codes and business hours.

How it works


We Buy TV Inventory

A consumer in need of health insurance views one of our national TV commercials and calls the 800 number in our commercial.


Geographic & Time-Based Call Routing

The 800 number rings to our call attribution and routing platform. Your states and business hours are configured inside of our router. If the caller is calling from a state in which you’re able to accept calls, and during the hours that you’d like to accept calls, then the call will automatically be forwarded to your business.


Pay Only for High Quality Calls

Your account is debited only if you accept a call.

Here’s a breakdown of our marketing efforts that depicts how we generate inbound health insurance calls:

Media type
  • National TV
  • Search
  • Social
% of ad campaign
  • 70%
  • 20%
  • 10%

If you’re looking for high quality, inbound health insurance calls for your business during OEP, you’re in good hands with Malbis.

Test live health insurance calls for free.

Call 1-800-500-3222

*Offer valid on under 65 health insurance calls during open enrollment for direct advertisers only. The exact amount of the free credit is dependent on market size and represents approximately one weekday's worth of inbound calls from a TV commercial. As a general rule, the larger the DMA, the larger the credit.