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Healthcare Advertisers

Get high-quality, high-converting inbound calls with Malbis PPC TV.


Advertisers & Call Buyers

Do You Need More Inbound Sales Calls?

Let Malbis place Pay Per Call TV for your business.

Advertisers bring their offers (or TV commercials) to Malbis. We then cause the spot to air on national networks, broadcast and cable throughout the country. If you're an advertiser and you already have a commercial, great. If you don't have a commercial, no problem. Take advantage of our advertiser services below.

1. Concept

Let Malbis turn your concept into a competitive edge. We can make your idea into the one thing that makes you better than the next guy.

2. Script

Our scriptwriting and storyboards are very objective. DRTV doesn't do fluff. We make sure that your brand is represented but calls come first.

3. Production

The production of our advertisers' spots is regemented and objective. The spots we create look fanatastic, make the phones ring, and cost under $10K.

4. Media Buying

Submit your offer to the nation's top pay-per-call networks.

5. Attribution

Track cost per call, or any other KPI, at the station, network, or market level using our call platform.

6. Data Analysis

Our Data Analysts are the best in the business. We can package call data with TV data and deliver it any way you like.

Call Centers

High Quality Inbound TV Calls Must be Paired with a High Quality Sales Floor

Not all call center sales floors are created equal. Some call centers close deals better than others. We only want to work with sales floors that can sell.

If you have 2 or more years experience in buying calls value unadulterated inbound calls over web leads, then we might be a good fit.

Call Tracking Platform

Malbis is all about complete transparency when it comes to call attribution and reporting. Log into our third party call tracking platform to view calls in real-time, listen to call recordings, pull call history reports and much more.

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Our Work

Successful TV commercials that we are running for our advertisers and call centers.


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